Download Angry Birds for Chrome

Angry Birds is a very popular game that needs no introduction. This interesting yet simple game has been mostly available on devices with iOS or Android. Now Angry Birds for Chrome has been introduced and it aims to enable users to play the game in their Google Chrome browser. The game that comes with several levels is available on this browser tool with some special levels and gameplay that will remain exclusive to the Chrome browser.

Another interesting feature offered in this game is the ability to download the game through your browser and continue playing, without the need to be actually connected to the internet. In other words, you can also play the game when you are on the go or just bored and are not necessarily connected to the Web. The other specialty of the Angry Bird version available on Chrome is that it comes integrated with Chrome specific graphics. For instance, the rocks, buttons, clouds, flowers, etc will be shaped like Chrome’s logos. In fact, the interface will also make use of Chrome’s colors and there will also be Chrome bombs!

You can also use this plugin utility to make in-app payments, which means you will be able to procure your Mighty Eagles through this app. For those users who are new to Angry Birds, these Mighty Eagles are birds that you can buy and will help you get past levels that you are actually unable to clear or find difficult to clear. Until now this functionality was only available for users of iOS. Thus, if you have Chrome browser with you, you can start downloading the game or enjoy playing it online.

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