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StreamTorrent is a new technology which works somewhat similar to the BitTorrent technology but varies in the underlying technology. The latter focuses on file sharing concept, whereas this tool in discussion focuses on live streams distributed across the internet. The main logic on which this tools works is based on the fact that this technology does not need an intermittent server for its sharing concepts, but only needs another directly connected computer over the internet. All it depends on is the speed of the network connectivity between the two systems and it only depends on the internet connectivity speed.

The tool allows the user to add the address of the sites they wish to stream through. Once this is done, the tool just plays the streaming torrents across your system and the next available system using the same torrents. The easy design of the application allows even a novice to computers to understand the functionalities and provide the required inputs for streaming the torrents. The tool provides a search window through which the user can search for available torrents, by just typing the key word they are looking for. The tool displays all the available streams, at that moment, and the user can use any of the streams by just double clicking on it.

This tool enables the user to opt for either viewing the available streams or being a member of the streaming community by also participating in the stream delivery. Apart from allowing a user to add stream addresses, the tool also allows them to import complete lists in an XML format. There is also a provision to export the channels available in your list for quick access. The most important feature mentionable is the ability of the application to help you publish your own live stream in a seamless manner. Installation of this tool is a very easy task as this tool follows the same format as other standard applications in its package kit. Keeping all these features in mind, it is clear that this tool is certainly the best option when it comes to live streaming and all you need to ensure is that you select the proper channels and place them in the queue. This tool is designed to work with all the flavors of Windows operating systems. This freeware occupies only less than 2 MB of disk space and very little memory resource.

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