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Omniture SiteCatalyst observes and supervises website traffic helping users to derive and develop valuable reports converted from complex data. These reports are used to make various decisions and take actions to grow business. Dealing with high-level brands or clients, this web based analytic solution offers you impressive features like, graphic report printing, dashboard customization, easy creation of standard reports and metrics; user-friendly interface; time saving navigation, availability of a number of report exporting options; monitoring video, mobile device and custom drill-down reporting, identification of ISP, training for starters, in depth geo-location, etc.

There is more to Omniture SiteCatalyst! It helps you to keep an eye on happening social networking sites for various details like determining how helpful your homepage video is; tracking whoever enters your site via mobile, etc. With a varied range of tools Omniture SiteCatalyst helps you to absorb all and every bit of data related to the visitors of your website. These include things like the pages checked out by visitors, visitors book-marking your website pages, the device they’re using, their location, the keywords and search engine they used and internal requests for various searches in your website.

Support is available via chat and email for all the users of Omniture SiteCatalyst. You will also find other support features like a knowledge base, user manual offered online and users’ forum. They charge you for their services they deliver based on your business requirements.

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