Download YeahReader

YeahReader is a powerful tool used to read the news feed in RSS, Atom formats, RDF, and podcasts. This program provides you a convenient feed update system as expected from any standard reader program. The other standard functionality like the proxy support and pop up update notification are inbuilt in this program in a robust and easy manner.

This news feed reader tool also has an in built blog client which helps you to quickly write messages to your live journal. It also helps you to update and live stream on your blogger, delicious blog, and the word press. This feed reader also supports the standard OPML format. The program is designed with an simple approach to ensure that the user is comfortable with the program window. Feeding has been made quite simple and the live feeds are quite efficient in its update and speed.

The tool ensures that it uses the standard protocol in the most efficient manner for better compatibility and smooth handover with other feed technologies. This is a free to use program and has constant upgrades from its publishers. The latest version has fixed many bugs available in its previous version. This free program is operational on all flavors of Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, and Windows 8.