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yDecode is a decoding tool specifically designed by ‘yDecode developers’ for messages and files encoded by the yEnc encoder. This tool can be added as add-on software for all newsgroup reader software and specifically in Outlook Express and Usenet readers. The special feature of this tool is that it allows you to read encoded messages on the fly. This tool is quite easy to use. It is designed keeping in mind a simple approach, both for integration as well as usage. The tool allows you to configure auto saving of all yEnc coded attachments in to a specific folder of your choice.

This tool provides settings to take care of the proxy with IP filtering enabled for the messages it needs to work on. It also provides you a facility to decide on the list of NNTP servers. There are specific log settings which can be enabled for providing you detailed logs on connections made by the user, which can further be extended for the monitoring purpose. There is a wizard provided by the publishers for auto configuring Outlook Express in an easy manner. Though Outlook Express is mostly mentioned in the publisher’s description, this tool is capable enough to work with any other newsgroup readers such as Netscape news. The tool works in the background, thereby not troubling the users in any of their other activities.

The look and feel is very well appreciated for this tool and there are no complaints on the easiness of its integration with any newsreaders. It is straight forward in its operations and has never provided any consistency issues over its performance and functionality. However, the cost factor is a surprise element and makes us wonder why it cannot be brought down further. Also the tool decodes in parts which make the life of the user difficult in getting theses parts of decoded files put together. This is a free to try product, with many features disabled in its trial version. The cost is on the higher side compared to the simple functionality it provides. This tool works on all Windows operating systems including the older versions such as 95, NT, Win 98 and Me.

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