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Worldwide Newspapers Reader is a simple news reader utility that, as suggested by its name, allows you to access newspapers from almost all over the world! According to the publishers of this tool, you will have access to over 2300 newspapers from all over the world. You can choose your favorites from this list and read them directly. That way, irrespective of where you travel, you can always read your local, regional, or national news by accessing your local or favorite newspaper.

This tool also claims to be an interesting utility for writers, journalists, and knowledge enthusiasts who want to know the current information or happening news in different countries. Accessing the newspapers that are local to a particular country or region would give you more direct access to the current events or popular news updates of that region. Your location does not matter; and as long as the newspaper you are looking for is listed in the large pool of news publications offered by tool, reading the news is just a matter of a few simple mouse clicks.

Some of the popular countries from where you can access their local or regional newspapers include England, US, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Norway, China, India, South Africa, and Australia. You can check out the tool using its limited duration free trial. Although some users feel that it comes at a high license fee, the fact that you can access over 2300 newspapers from around 186 countries makes it a worthwhile investment. This tool can be implemented in all Windows platforms.

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