Download RssReader

RSS Feeds are popularly used by websites to give news updates, either specific to the website or to a specific area of interest or field. RSS is, simply Really Simple Syndication, a format used popularly for syndicating news items. There are several users who subscribe to various RSS feeds using various tools. One such tool is the RssReader. A utility that has been designed and developed by Ykoon; this utility promises to offer the ability to read RSS as well as news feeds from Atom.

The tool pools together news feeds, in the background, based on the configuration settings defined by the user. When the limit has been achieved it triggers a reminder in the form of a pop-up alert, in the system tray. You can either view a short synopsis of each news item by clicking on its headline or click to open the complete news in its original page in the tool’s window. You can also view the news in your default browser window.

This tool is not available on a trial basis, which can be regarded as a limitation; however, the tool promises to deliver on its proclaimed capabilities. The tool offers support and compatibility with several RSS as well as Atom versions. An application designed for Windows platforms; you can implement this utility for Windows 98, 2000, 2003, NT, and XP versions. The installation and un-installation process is also simple and clean.