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RSS Submit is the most famous RSS feed management tool developed and published by Ksoft developers.  This tool allows you to submit RSS feeds in a simple and efficient manner. This tool also acts as one of the best RSS promotion tool available in the market. This tool is being credited to be the first one to submit RSS feeds automatically. With this tool you can submit your feeds to more than 130 RSS search engines in a fast and efficient manner. The reliability factor, which is the most concerned issue with many RSS tools, is one of the most important factors both in design and functionality in this application.

This tool uses a dual mode of automatic submissions of the RSS feeds as well as auto filling of the web page to submit forms. In this way, the process of submitting your RSS feeds becomes automated as well as reliable. This dual design also ensures that the content you publish is guaranteed and there are more possibility of better traffic with guaranteed results. The advantages of the automatic RSS feed provision and detection is that it allows you to provide the domain name of the website and lets this tool detect the locations of your feeds.

The tool also allows you to integrate with other statistical tools like the Technorati and Feedburner for letting you know the number of hits to your RSS feed. These statistics will be displayed all in this tool itself. The tool has provisions for you to know the most used words in your feeds. Submitting the feeds was never that easy till the introduction of this tool.  This tool has a free to try version which is valid for twelve days. This tool is functional on all Windows operating systems including the latest XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Win 8.