Download QuadSucker-News

QuadSucker-News is a news downloader software utility that claims to offer multi-threaded capabilities, which makes it one of the fastest and most efficient downloader tools. It downloads four binaries, simultaneously, which means it can offer a download capacity that is 4 times faster when compared to single threaded download tools. The high-end functional ability of this utility means it can download all types of files. In this context, the tool offers support for GIF and JPEG image files, MP3 audio files, M2V and MPG movie files, ZIP and RAR compressed files, and EXE files.

In other words, even if the files that need to be downloaded have a file size that runs to several hundreds of MB, the files can be downloaded easily and quickly. The tool is also integrated with filtering features that ensure that only the required data gets downloaded to your system. Integrated with a simple and intuitive interface, the tool is easy to implement and offers two downloading modes. The Streaming mode implements automatic downloads and updates the feeds as and when updates are performed by the source website. In this mode, there is no need of user intervention.

The Pick and Choose mode, as suggested by its name, involves the user in the download process and enables you to choose the files that you want to download. You can also configure options that will help you determine where the downloaded files need to be saved. You can save the download, based on their categories, within sub folders; or save the entire download in a single folder. The tool initiates with a Wizard feature that will help you configure the options. This is an ideal feature that can be, especially, beneficial to novice users. Like most news downloader utilities, this tool also offers support for base 64, uuencode, and yEnc.