Download PCast

PCast is a distinctive newsreader utility that offers the ability to download and view only the images in newsreader websites and newsfeeds. These images are downloaded from news related websites and are displayed to users in the normal browser interface. This tool uses the services of Usenet to find images or pictures embedded in newsfeed and newsreader Web feeds. It implements the search on a category wise basis. Once the images are detected, they are downloaded and stored in a location on your disk from where you can access and view these images at a convenient time.

It comes integrated with a built-in zoom feature to enlarge the images for enhanced viewing. The publishers claim the tool offers enhanced performance and an improved interface that ensures you can accomplish your tasks with ease and simplicity. Designed and developed by Right Click, you can avail this tool on a free trial basis for a limited duration of 20 days. With this tool, you will be able to download images quickly and for free. And the best part, it helps you download images faster than you would be able to do using your default browser application.

The best thing is it allows you to download images based on various categories; therefore, it is easier and faster to find what you are exactly looking for. The publishers claim that this tool is able to accomplish its functions easily and quickly because of the decoding and download engine that is newly built and distinctive to these developers. A Windows based tool, it can be implemented in Windows 95, 98, NT, and XP systems.