Download NewzCrawler

NewzCrawler is an amazing RSS feed reader with an effective interface. This reader has almost unlimited features to explore and certain magic qualities which help you to do wonders in following and posting news. The tool has an effective and powerful utility for you to post your blogs. The easily usable email like interface allows you to easily post contents. There is also a smart folder option which allows you to customize the structure through which you can follow your wishful news items. The reader also allows you to post your blogs easily and set your own feed.

The developers of this tool could have ensured still a simpler design and some interfaces could have been designed more user friendly. There have been remarks of this tool not posting the news and blogs in to context consistently. The search engine deployed by this feeder tool is very powerful and flexible. It can go across folders and also keep track of the old searches. This reader tool also allows you to read individual new items or combine the similar new items from different channels or searches. It utilizes the Internet Explorer browser or Gecko for rendering and supports CSS feeds. There is a balloon pop up window facility for announcements and have a bookmarking facility for news items which need to be referred on a later stage.

This tool supports all flavors of Window operating systems and is accepted as one of the most feature filled RSS feed readers. The different gimmicks offered by this tool are in one way or the other makes good sense to the end user. Except the news and blog context where there needs to be some improvements, this feeder makes life easy for anyone who wishes to post blog or to publish their own channel. Overall this is a great news reading software.