NewsStand Reader

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A free to use software utility; NewsStand Reader, as is evident from its name, is a software tool that is intended to help users download and read newsfeeds from some of the popular magazines and newspapers that offer their news online. The specialty of this tool is that it offers its users the look and feel of the traditional printed newspaper, while at the same time manipulating the benefits of the online revolution to bring the newspaper to your desktop.

The tool allows you access to over 150 newspapers and magazines, worldwide; and the best part these issues are more like a digital version of their printed counterparts. The tool offers all the standard features included for manipulating digital documents such as zoom, navigation, search, etc. You can quickly move between different articles as well as link to outside web pages or your email from within this tool. Developed by NewsStand, this application promises to give its users all the joy of viewing images along with their related news content, just like you do in your hard copy magazines or printed newspapers.

You can also subscribe to your favorite magazines or feeds and the tool offers the ability to schedule the delivery of these publications automatically to your desktop. Therefore, instead of logging on to the internet and searching for your favorite newsfeeds; the tool brings them automatically to you and waiting to be opened as you login. This utility is supported in all Windows platforms such as Windows 98, 2000, 7, 8, NT, Me, XP, and Vista versions.