Download NewsLeecher

NewsLeecher is the binary form of Usenet client for the MS Window operating systems. It is basically a leeching application which downloads pictures, movies, MP3 files, software applications and other format of entertainment files. It uses its inline engine to decode and assemble all the downloads in to a meaningful one. This download application takes the best features from other standard newsreaders such as NewsPro, NewsBinPro, GrabIt, BNR and other industry best applications in the newsreader markets and ensures proper mix of these features in to a noticeable one from its application.

The NZB format was successfully formed from this leeching application and it has complete support for downloading NZB files. This application has a built in search engine through which you can search all the binary usenet groups at a time, while searching for a particular keyword or string. This application has specific feature of downloading from multiple servers at a time. Similarly, this application enables you to download a huge file from unlimited number of Usenet servers at a time for better load sharing and time saving features.

The application has built in ability to assemble all the parts of download in to a seamless and single download file for the usage of the end user. The application has the ability to detect and combine parts of the download from multiple servers seamlessly. The support for this application is not guaranteed and standardized. There have been incidents of system hang up and reboot during execution and installation. Care needs to be taken to ensure proper safeguard of current applications and files during the installation and execution of this application. This application can be installed on all systems supporting Microsoft Operating systems and requires minimum system resources for its execution.