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News File Grabber, as suggested by its name, grabs or extracts news items or files from various newsgroups within the Usenet to offer you a highly efficient and powerful newsreader utility that can take care of all your newsreader requirements. A product that has been designed and developed by Rsbr-Software; this tool offers support for a wide range of decoding schemes such as yENC and has the ability to decode, both, multi-parts as well as auto-combine. Some of the other prominent functionalities offered by this utility are the ability to support multiple download threads at the same time, support for Secure Server (SSL) connections, and support for multiple servers. Designed with a simple interface that offers a clean and convenient window pane; the tool seems clean in its design and layout unlike several other tools in this category that come with several buttons.

Installing and configuring the tool as per your requirements is also simple and easy; and you can configure the tool to execute its tasks in the background. Whether the task involves downloading text, images, audio, or video files; all the tasks would be accomplished efficiently and quickly. The tool implements the download tasks quickly even when there are multiple threads downloading simultaneously. The tool also offers several features that make the management of the downloaded files easy and efficient. You can also forward the posts that have been downloaded or delete ones that you no longer require. The publishers claim that this user-friendly tool can be an appropriate choice of newsreader for, both, novice users and experienced users alike.

You can check out the trial version of this utility for a limited period of 30 days; however, you have to put up with the Nag screen during this period. Once you upgrade to the licensed version, you can completely enjoy the many features offered by this tool without any annoyance. Designed for Windows platforms, you can implement this utility in Windows 98, 2000, 7, NT, Me, XP, and Vista versions. Besides support for NZB files, the tool also claims to offer the capability to unpack RAR files. You can use the Manager feature to manage your favorite newsgroups with ease and efficiency.