Download Liv Sports for PC Windows

If you have downloaded Liv Sports for PC Windows, then you can surely get entertained wherever you go. However, it will not be available around the globe, but restricted to some countries such as Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal and Bhutan. Not only cricket, it has exclusive content from NBA, football, tennis, UFC and TNA.

In order to watch all the live actions, all you need to do is subscribe. Once subscribed, you will not miss anything related to sports. The timeline is quite interactive and all the highlights could be easily viewed.  All game changing moments comes in replay and you could watch it over and over again. This could be done even if the match is live.

Real time stats are available and the game could henceforth be analyzed. Some of the popular games are Score Predictor and Fantasy football.This app also has entertaining games. Full HD quality videos are also available.

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