Download FeedDemon

FeedDemon is a free to use RSS feed reader specially designed for the Windows platform. This tool was designed and developed by Nick Bradbury who is the famous author for tools such as Homesite, which is a famous, HTML Editor and TopStyle, a well known CSS editor. The tool basically was developed on Delphi framework and is also designed to be synchronized with Google Reader. This tool ultimately helps you to stay connected with the constant inflow of latest news and blogs.

The Google reader synchronization allows you to be anywhere with complete updates of feeds, tags, and shared items automatically synchronizing between various locations.  The reader allows you to tag information which is of interest to you by easily classifying and locating previously read ones. There is also an alert mechanism in this tool to inform you whenever your keywords appear in any feed you have been subscribed to, and also on any feeds regardless of your subscription status.

This feed reader also has a provision to download any audio file automatically to your iPod or any other media devices for you to listen any time you wish. This feed reader is compactable with all flavors of Window operating systems. This is free to use adware which is credited with a strong architecture and a simple design. Its synchronization with Google reader has made it quite useful in today’s market scenario.  Windows dependent platform and seamless Google synchronization has made this feed reader a most sought out one, especially with its free adware concept of sales.