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Chrysanth NETime Channel  is a tool which helps you to convert your normal Internet explorer browser in to a powerful RSS feeder window.  The different feeds like the RSS, ATOM XML, and RDF can be viewed directly inside the Internet Explorer browser. The quality of the feeds is maintained with well formatted pages without the need for any additional thick client software.  The tool ensures you to have the freedom of reading any XML content in the RSS feed links with your Internet Explorer that you have been using so far.

The tool allows you to type the URL of the RSS feeds in the same manner as you browse through any normal web sites.  Alternatively, the tool also allows you to view the RSS feeds by clicking on the XML links available on other normal sites. The tool allows you to choose from content listing, summary of the feeds and the detail item view options; all the same way as you have been using the RSS feed software. The tool allows the user to even change the background theme of the feed window to suit your taste and liking.  Apart from the options mentioned, the tool also allows you to add new feeds in to the subscription list as well as allowing you to import RSS feeds from the OPML list.  There is also a provision to schedule the update of feeds to all subscriptions feeds at some configurable intervals.

There are few additional features which this tool offers apart from the regular RSS feeds.  It allows you to convert your Internet Explorer in to a Gmail notifier, informing you whenever a email is received in your inbox.  This tools online portal is regularly updated and enhanced to provide you regular feeds in to your online accounts.  Constant up gradation and continued support are the confidence building measures provided by the publishers of this tool to win over the trust of the end users.

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