Download BitsCast

BitsCast is a newsreader utility that offers aggregated news reading services and comes integrated with several preloaded feeds, which makes it an attractive option for users of regular RSS feeds. A free to use software utility, the tool has been designed with a simple and familiar interface based on other popular software like MS Outlook and Thunderbird. This makes the tool easy to use and intuitive. The publishers claim that this is one aspect in which this tool scores over its competitors as newsreader tools are usually too cluttered making it a difficult utility for novice users.

Almost all the regularly used features have been incorporated as buttons that also comprise pop-up helpers. Therefore, even if you are a beginner, you can easily accomplish your tasks of adding new feeds, exporting playlists to your default player application, or archiving feeds, etc. The preloaded news feeds offered by this tool have been sourced from a variety of newsfeed providers such as CNET, BBC, New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, InfoWorld, etc. Therefore, the tool claims to cater to the needs of varied users. Similarly, there are also Podcast news sources such as Rocketboom, CBS News, CNN Marketplace, ABC News, varied number of YouTube topics, and The Wizards of Technology. You can also access and download your favorite torrents using its BitTorrent downloader, which is another significant utility added in this tool.

Designed and developed by an entity of the same name; the tool claims to offer support for RSS versions 0.9, 1.0, 2.0 and ATOM 0.3 and 1.0. Some of the other prominent features offered by this free tool are managing channels and lists, support for numerous channels, ability to subscribe to numerous lists, import and export of OPML, and automatic detection of RSS feeds. The database query function included in this tool is supported by Microsoft’s JET engine. You can implement this utility in all recent versions of Windows platforms.