Binary Vortex

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A product from the house of SB Software; Binary Vortex is a Newsreader tool that claims to allow you to download files from the Usenet Newsgroup. The tool claims to offer an ideal utility for downloading all types of files, especially image files. According to the publishers, this tool is ideal for downloading images as it is optimized with all features required to download and view image or graphic files. You can make use of, both, the thumbnail view and the full screen viewer to browse through the images that have been downloaded to your system. Besides graphical files, it also allows you to download movies, video files, applications, audio files, etc.

The tool is designed with a simple interface, which from the aesthetic perspective offers quite an uninteresting view; but from the usage perspective makes it familiar to users of Windows apps. The tool follows a tabbed style interface as found in various Windows applications. All the same, it comes integrated with an extensive Help feature that can guide you in case you find it difficult to use the tool. Another prominent and useful feature is the Search function that allows you to find any category of file from Usenet. And the tool guarantees to offer a fast download of all files, including those with big file sizes.

One of the major limitations with this tool is the absence of a preview feature. Therefore, you cannot preview the images before download; you have to wait for the download to complete to view the image files. You can check out the tool on a free trial basis with limited functionalities. You can implement it in Windows 95, 98, 2000, 7, NT, Me, XP, and Vista versions. The utility also claims to offer support for yEnc, uuencode, and mime. The publishers also claim that there are in-built spam filtering features that ensure only good files are downloaded to your system.