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If you are interested in side scrolling game that inculcates the mechanism of flipping to its advantage, then Binary Boy is the game that you will enjoy playing immensely. The controls and the direction of the game are extremely simple, the boy that you represent can only move right or left, and can flip to avoid making contact with the obstacles or his enemies. Binary Boy is not a very long game, but it is very creative and makes for a very inventive ride.

Binary Boy is reminiscent of the prominent VVVVVV game that also inculcated the flipping mechanism in the game. however, in VVVVVV, the mechanism yielded different results as compared to Binary Boy. There are a number of levels in Binary Boy and there is a very innovative boss that struggles and fights at the end of each level. The game may seem childlike and easy to play, but it is actually quite challenging and improves your reflexes when playing the game, as it is all about quick moves and decisions. There are a number of rather irritating spikes that make Binary Boy slightly annoying to play. There is also this one location that gets very tricky and you have to overcome it in a single go.

The game wins points for being creative and fun at the same time. It is almost a pity that the game ends too soon as it is considerably short. Binary Boy has some annoying spikes, but the thrill is not completely dampened as there are a number of cute features that will return you to your jolly mood making you feel better about the game already. There are a number of ideas that are implemented in a very short period of time which is remarkable. The sound track is pretty good and the pixilated look of the graphics is great.



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