Android Newsgroup Downloader

Download Android Newsgroup Downloader

Android Newsgroup Downloader is, exactly what its name suggests, a software utility that is intended to help users download programs or files from the alt.binaries Newsgroup. This tool claims to have multi-threading capabilities, which makes it an ideal download program for Newsgroups. The multi-threading capabilities also mean that file size is not an issue at all; you can download movies, videos, applications, music files, archived files, or any other file. You can also use this utility efficiently for downloading images and any other attachments easily and quickly.

This tool has been designed with a queue orientation, which means you can drag and drop items that you want to download into the queue. It is like a to-do list that will execute the tasks as specified in the list; and in this case it is downloading the files listed in the queue, automatically. With regards to downloading files, the utility offers support for all kinds of file formats such as JPEG, MPEG, GIF, BMP, AVI, VOB, PCX, WAV, MP3, EXE, PAR, and RAR. Like most newsgroup downloader tools this utility also offers support for MIME, yEnc, and base 64. Some of the other prominent and user-friendly functionalities included in this utility are a history tool that helps you keep track of the files that have been downloaded and the queue manager that helps you queue the files that need to be downloaded in each session.

The utility also has some built-in features such as file posters, newsreaders, and messages. It can also be used to access encrypted Usenet services. You can check out this utility using its free trial version that comes integrated with a Nag screen. This can be an irritant while accomplishing your download or executing other tasks. You can also upgrade to the licensed shareware version that comes with a complete list of functionalities and does not have an expiry or disability period. You can implement this utility in all Windows based platforms, including Windows 95, 98, 2000, 7, NT, Me, XP, and Vista versions.