Download AllPicturez

AllPicturez claims to be a different type of Newsreader tool, which focuses only on news feeds that include images or pictures. The tool filters all text and spam related data from the news feeds and displays only the images or pictures included in it. The interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Originally designed for Windows 95, 98, and Me systems; you can also implement this utility in Windows 2000 and NT systems.

This tool caters to all requirements of viewing images and offers tools to view thumbnail previews, zoom in on images, and other editing tools that are required to view images from news websites or feeds. Some of the prominent capabilities offered by this tool are ability to queue downloads, support for most common image file formats such as JPEG, Base64, UUdecode, GIF, etc. Server authentication is another significant feature offered by this tool. You can also edit the list of news server addresses as per your requirement by viewing the offered list of news servers.

Some of the other important features offered in the latest version of the utility are ability to drag around graphics that are larger than the viewing window, turning off the thumbnail view, customizing thumbnails as per user requirements, etc. This tool claims to use lesser of your system resources and is fast with better image handling capabilities, compared to several other utilities in its category. You can check out this utility using its trial version, which offers a limited viewing ability of 10 images in any group. This product is from the house of