Download Vodafone Mobile Connect

Vodafone is a well-known and popularly used mobile connectivity service provider and is popular for its GSM based mobile cards. The Vodafone Mobile Connect is another new arsenal in its kitty with which it intends to capture the customer base, which is looking to stay connected on the go. It claims to offer speed and connectivity to help its users access their personal or professional email, on the go, from their mobile devices.

It claims to offer the best speed by implementing a technology where your files are greatly reduced in size by using server side compression. This helps to reduce file size drastically and enable easier download. Once they have been downloaded, the files are decompressed in your device. And the service provider claims that all this happens without any time lag or noticeable waiting period, allowing you to accomplish your tasks on the fly. This technique does not have any impact on files that are already compressed such as ZIP or RAR; however, it makes a huge difference when dealing with media files such as JPEG or MP3, and other huge Office documents. Web page is another candidate that benefits from this technology.

Besides speed, this compression technology also benefits users in another aspect. The monthly plans are generally based on actual downloads, since the files are compressed you can enjoy more downloads at the same rate! The service works well in both 3G and GSM networks. Moreover, its installation procedure is quite simple as it is wizard based. The interface is user-friendly with buttons to access various options such as Web, Email, VPN, Instant Messaging, etc. It also offers charts that can help you estimate data usage and an option for international users who want to use the roaming facility. You can configure the compression settings as well as implement blocks for elements that can bloat your bandwidth such as videos or animation files.

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