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Smart sender is an advanced, efficient and useful software which was introduced or first launched by the Sapbox, in the year 2002, in the month of February. It is an easy to use software and has several advantages and features which is making it increasingly popular among users all over the world. The main objective of this software is to make the users’ task of email marketing much easier, simpler, faster and more convenient.

It is a thirty two bit program, which is compatible with all the versions of the windows operating system, including windows 7 and windows 8. The main advantage of this software utility is that it requires much less modem space of about 28.8k, thus not occupying much of the user’s hard drive. This program is capable of sending out ten different threads at the same time simultaneously, with an outstanding rate of over two hundred emails each minute.

There are a number of inbuilt features which allow this software to function more smoothly and efficiently even under certain problematic circumstances. For example, if the server is disconnected due to any connection problem, then the smart sender software has the ability to automatically connect to the smtp server and regain the connection without any inconvenience to the user. This software supports both multi thread as well as multi smtp servers. The software is also capable of sending multiple emails to several different senders at the same time. It also manages the users opt in list of emails, and offers an extremely easy and simple user interface.

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