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Mass Yahoo Account Creator is an advanced, efficient, smart and powerful software utility, which was launched by the popular Easy Tech Software Solutions, in the month of March, in the year 2012. The two most advantageous features of this software tool is that it has an easy to use user interface, and it is extremely lightweight, thus not requiring much memory space. The main function of this software is to enable users to create multiple yahoo accounts simultaneously with great ease and in a very less span of time, thus saving both the users energy and valuable time. The yahoo accounts can be created without any complex data typing, or any lengthy method of copy pasting.

The steps involved in creating the yahoo account involves selecting the specified application folder, selecting the standard file to suitably read the application, add the data file in the correct format into this application, and then using this same file through the yahoo application. The data is automatically added on the yahoo sign up page, while the user simply needs to type the appropriate code in it. Using this application, it is possible to set a number of proxy servers, using multiple or single proxy options available in this software.

Using this set of options, it is possible to automatically change the proxy server time settings, or even save desired changes in the server output, depending upon the will of the user. Standard input as well as output files is available in this software, which helps the user to get started. Typing through the keyboard is not required while using this software, and the automatic in built features of the mass yahoo account creator is making this software have an edge over all of its other contemporaries.

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