Download Easy SMTP Server

Easy SMTP Server is a free to try product which makes your life easy in case of accessing emails from your email programs like Outlook Express or Eudora. Whenever we are connected to the internet, the Internet service provider (ISP) provides us configuration details of its default SMTP server. These details need to be changed every time we change the ISP. This is especially true in case of those who travel extensively. With the help of this tool, the users can avoid changing the SMTP server’s configuration every time they change the ISP.

This tool works in the background and lets the user send email messages directly from their PC, by bypassing the ISP’s SMTP server. The tool, apart from providing ease in the configuration part, also provides email security and privacy to the user. The tool is very easy to configure. Upon completion of the tool setup, all the user needs to do is just change the SMTP server configuration setting from the current ISP SMTP server to ‘localhost’. Once this change is done, the user can continue normal usage of receiving and sending emails and continue to work in case of any service provider at any location.

Another interesting feature of this tool is that it can support and serve a multitude of SMTP connections, to be concurrently used for your internet connection, upto the maximum connections allowed. This tool provides an easy and attractive user interface which could be understood even by a lay user. It has an excellent Help, explaining the logic of operation of this tool, enlightening the user. It is almost an essential tool for your laptop, especially when you are a traveler. The user is allowed to try it for free, and upon satisfaction, it is available for a moderate cost.

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