Easy Inbox Mailer

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The Easy Inbox Mailer is a software that has been designed to send emails. This includes the facility of sending text emails and html along with attachments. You can send any number of emails using hotmail or Gmail smtp from your desktop. It works best when integrated with windows 98, XP, 2000, ME, NT, Windows 7 and Widows 8. The software supports troubleshooting and inquiries. It also has the added feature of scanning through every single program available to it. It has a very efficient and strong combination of antivirus. This helps you to protect the software. It adds the level of security that you choose for your desktop.

You can send any number of emails using each and every account at your aid. In case you select 50 hotmail or Gmail accounts and choose around 200 mails per account, you can send an approximate of 1000 mails at a given span of time. The software has been designed to save time; it has the ability to send around 1500 emails per hour. This adds up to 36,000 emails per day.

It has the option of exporting and importing email addresses from text file and csv including both the destination and source of the email. You can avail the option of a read receipt to know if a given email has been read. You can reply to a given address in different ways. The emails are delivered in your inbox and not in the junk folder. The software has a duplicate option that helps in removing emails. The software is therefore, very effective and efficient.