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The DeskTask is a software that has been designed to connect you to Microsoft Outlook successfully. It has been created to perform the function of displaying task items and calendar on your computer. Any task that you perform will be visible at the every given point of time. The software works best when integrated with Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows 8.

This software helps you in saving a lot of time. It helps you to co-ordinate and prepares a neat planner for the entire week. You can colorize your tasks accordingly; this makes it easier for you to understand the work to be done a given point of time.

DeskTask helps you to save your time while switching to the Outlook software. You can minimize the window, as this helps in seeing the items which are due for the given day as well as the following day. The DeskTask software displays the entire week in a systematic way. This helps you to plan and organize your week accordingly. The other key feature of this software is the to-do list of items that are displayed. If you are person that uses Outlook extensively, DeskTask is the software which will come to your aid in the best possible way.

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