Active Direct Mail

Download Active Direct Mail

This is an easy to use and configure remailer which is developed for the purpose of sending quick emails. It is a quick way of sending mails, not only that it is also secure and reliable. It is actually a great way of sending the emails directly to the recipient.  This remailer is also extremely cost effective apart from being fast and secure. Active Direct Mail works equally well for both personal correspondence of users and also for the purpose of commercial mailings. This makes Active Direct Mail doubly effective and useful. The users can use Active Direct Mail for sending emails directly to their recipients.

This however does not mean that Active Direct Mail has to replace or take the place of your existing and preferred email client. Active Direct Mail is programmed to incorporate its own SMTP server. This can quickly be setup to be used side by side with your email client. However the best feature of Active Direct Mail is its ability to bypass the mail server of your ISP. This means ISP can no longer snoop into the mail that you receive. This ensures to the users of Active Direct Mail the much required privacy.

Sometimes the mail servers of ISP are unable to deliver emails and messages on time as they are too swamped with too many emails. This is not the case with Active Direct Mail as it sends messages by means of multiple threads. This makes Active Direct Mail many times faster than other ordinary email clients. This means that not only does the user get much needed privacy, but also their mails are delivered much quicker than in any other email client. By using Active Direct Mail the user actually has control over each and every mail that they send. Active Direct Mail can also be used as an SMTP server for LAN. It also supports personalized mailing.