Download MediaTracker

MediaTracker is an applet which tells you about the downloading progress of any picture or any videos from the internet. Other available applets create confusion only. They do not inform the user about complete downloading of the file or any connection break in between the download. All such troubles are no more in MediaTracker software. It facilitates the user to know about the downloading progress with much information. It is an animation applet which tells the phases of downloading progress to the user. Unlike the other applets it does not create a rectangular gray applet on top of the screen and hampers the view of the screen.

MediaTracker is a customized applet which offers two ways to notify you about the downloading progress of any file. In one method a continuous applet in the form of animation will keep on running on the side of the window. It tells you the continuous progress of downloading the file. In this method you know about the connection speed of your internet. If the internet connection is slow then the progress bar will move slowly. You will know how much file has been downloaded and how much file is left for being downloaded.

While in other method of this applet tells the user in starting as well as in last about the downloading process of the file. It pops up the message that the particular file has been downloaded successfully or not. In other available applets this thing led to create confusion to the user. They create icons for every file whether they got downloaded completely or not while Media Tracker does not leave any space for confusion to the user. If the file is completely downloaded then it creates the icon of the file and if the file is not able to download completely it notifies the user by not creating the icon with a message.