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DownloaderXL software program is mainly designed for stock market purposes, which come with different features. It plays a key role in knowing free stocks, indices, futures, options, dividends and mutual funds quotes by addressing exact needs. This application provides advanced charting capabilities, line charts, bars and generating candlestick. The moving average and trend line functions are also available in this program that help for achieving goals to a wider extent.

Another advantage is that it shows ways for downloading securities prices and data directly into Excel workbook. New version of this program is compatible with windows 8 and Microsoft Excel 2013. Furthermore, it is possible to get data from reliable finance sources by meeting essential requirements. Private investors are mainly benefited by this program to perform calculations and research market conditions in an easy manner.

Complete information can be known from online to install it in a system. Instructions are also offered in simple steps for those who want to launch this program without any difficulties. Anyone who wants to gather details on stock trading can opt for DownloaderXL to achieve goals. In fact, it is a very useful tool for any investor to obtain optimum results. This software is supported by all the latest Windows XP, ME, Vista, 7 and 8.

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