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Download managers are a very useful genre of software tools today. Most of us come across the need to download something or the other every now and then. Download accelerator programs are meant to make the task of downloading files and programs from the internet quicker and efficient. It is good to have one that serves you well if you ever need to download stuff from the internet.One of the very popular software programs of this class is the Download Accelerator Plus which is designed to help you manage your downloads and at the same time to significantly increase the download speed by connecting to multiple sources. It considerably boosts the download speed thus helping you with downloading large files with ease.

Download Accelerator Plus features a user friendly and intuitive interface that lets you access and use the most powerful functions that the program has to offer you. A great advantage of this program is that when a download gets interrupted, you can resume it where it was left off, saving yourself from the hassle of starting over again. The software is built to provide you with the fastest sources for download. It automatically looks for multiple mirrors for the item you require so that you can select the best source for downloading.This excellent tool comes with a capability of integrating seamlessly with the internet browsers of the time like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and others. It uses the latest DAP acceleration technology which is built to provide the ease and efficiency with downloads.

The innovative feature of this program is that it lets you peep into the world of social networking by allowing you to access Twitter and posting messages right from the interface of the program. Use this function to share your downloads in real time.The most important part of this version of the program is that you can add the features you want the program to offer you through add-ons. DAPsters, Link Checker, Zip Preview, Video Downloader and Converter, etc. are the add-ons that are supported by DAP to provide you the functions that you would prefer to have. Isn’t it a truly perfect tool? So make the most out of your downloads by giving it a try today!

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