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Now surf the net, download, watch videos and explore your files without leaving your browser with the help of Video Downloader. The five main functions of Video Downloader are to download, search, player, explore and rank. The videos that you download get saved into the folder and then you can use the ‘explore’ button directly access the folder. There are a lot of options on this toolbar than any regular ones that you may have used so far, and you can also change the location of your download files. Video Downloader opens up on a large screen and this makes it easy for you to view your videos as compared to other video players. The downside to Video Downloader is that it doesn’t mention all the video sites that it supports. In the beginning you will be notified that it supports all the .FVL videos, but it is still unclear as to whether it supports all of the .FVL videos. There have been some changes in the player. The looks and the design have undergone some massive changes. You are allowed to create a playlist to categorize your videos. There is a loop option along with an option to randomly play your videos.

The downside to the Video Downloader is that the rank function is pretty worthless, as it barely has any function at all. The other problem is that you may sometimes end up downloading videos that are not supported by the player. The advantages are that the explorer function is very handy and easy to use. You can categorize videos on the bases of name, date of download and size of the file. All in all, this is a pretty good video downloader that offers you a number of functions that regular players don’t.