Download ViaVideo

A product that has been designed and developed by Polycom, ViaVideo is a video communication tool that has been integrated with an USB based video system to offer its users an enhanced and easy communication system, right on their desktops. The tool promises to offer its users a viable and excellent means of communication with their colleagues, customers, and other personnel through the use of high-quality voice, video, and other data collaboration capabilities.

Whether the individual you want to communicate with is at the other end of the world or other end of the city; this tool guarantees to deliver on its promises of offering you an enhanced and reliable communication system. A free to use software application, the tool is simple to install and implement and you can start enjoying its services soon after installation. All that you need to do is plug-in the appliance into your PC’s USB port and you are all ready to start! Within few minutes of installing the software, you can start enjoying its features of video, voice, and data communication functionalities. One of the other prominent features that have been integrated into this tool is the enhanced integration with the publisher’s Global Directory Server (GDS).

This functionality is beneficial for those users who are looking to configure an automatic initiation of this video functionality, in the background, during system startup. Therefore, the tool automatically registers with the GDS, without requiring the user to manually initiate the process after opening the application. The tool also offers several security features that have been enhanced to include disabling of outgoing calls and VideoMail and improved performance of VPN. This free to use, free to download tool has been developed for Windows 2000 and XP platforms. It can also be implemented in Windows 8 systems.