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TelWell is developed by VCN Corp. Panama City, Panama. It is a very user friendly application through which one can Chat with friends from one’s buddy list or friend list. It has all the latest or required features which are ideal for stimulating a lively chatting atmosphere.

No more 'the phone bill is too high again' or the usual like alike problems mostly for teenagers. Telwell solves this problem. With a headset one can phone with other Telwell members for absolute free charges. If phone to phone is not enough then just an additional Web cam is required through which friends can be seen and vice versa. Telwell makes it all possible. It is compatible with Windows 2000; Windows XP, Vista, 7 and also with the windows 8.

Telwell is that tool, which are ultra modern and combines chat, phone and webcam. Moreover it is also very much for people who don't like to feel bored in office or workplace. Telwell provides extreme fun games for amusement. It is possible to match with other community members and clean up the high score and set new records. It can be used by people of all ages and it is for everyone those who love a good hearty chat and amusement.

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