Sobees for windows

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It becomes very   difficult to manage multiple twitter accounts and  posting status updates from one social networking site to another. The Sobees software for windows developed by deskNet can be of great help in such case. It is bound to make your social networking a more pleasurable experience than before. The sobees software keeps you updated about all your friends feeds in Facebook, twitter or MySpace networks.

Sobees interface is attractive and useful. You are provided with a special facility of planning your own layouts in this application. You can manage multiple accounts and filter your tweets according to the type of information you want with the help of the sidebar optioned as “view only links”. Sobees also provide real time, a part of twitter search which is a nice addition to this application .It provides you with recent and important news within the same window frame. It helps to check your MySpace friend’s activities and update your own mood. You may also have a special provision of updating your status on multiple services at the same time.

Sobees for windows require a .NET frame work in your system to function systematically. Its size may depend on the version and is compatible on all the major operating systems.