Download MyTweet

Promoting any event in twitter becomes very notorious when you have to tweet individually to everyone’s account. If requires patience as well as kills your valuable time. For promotional issues, when bulk tweeting is required it is good to have auto tweeting option on. Here is software which will help you to tweet automatically known as MyTweet.

This software is created keeping in mind the difficulty for new users of twitter who frequently feel the lack of confidence to tweet or promote any issue. This software will not only give a boost of confidence to new users but also to all other users who do not post their tweets much. This is a user friendly application which is highly secure. No body can touch your data and manipulate with them.

This software is developed at SEO Booster so as to provide a tool to all those who are joined to Twitter to raise a voice against anything they find not good for nation or earth or as per your need as well as to create any gathering. This tool will let you gain support as well as power by the consent of people over the globe. You can reach out to anyone and speak to them. This highly effective software is very small and it is window based. Windows XP, Vista as well as 7 are capable to run this promotional tool.