Download Hike Messenger for PC Windows

Hike Messenger for PC Windows is ideal for all those android uses that place a great deal of importance upon the security of their messages from prying eyes. In fact, this app can be the ideal way to bar any stalker from getting access to the profile pictures and messages of any user. Users get to decide who gets to view the Last Seen time stamp and those who do not.

Hike Messenger for PC Windows enables its users to send various cool stickers to others to express themselves. Moreover, users get to select from a variety of chat themes, with the theme changing for even the friends upon any such changes. Users can even communicate with their friends when they are not online by sending them a message in the form of SMS, and then receive the message in this app when they reply.

Users get to select a variety of items such as photos, videos, contacts, location, walkie-talkie messages and much more with this app. It is super fast, and delivers messages in a flash. It also provides 128-bit SSL Encryption to ensure that the messages stay out of the reach of unscrupulous elements. Users can even store it on SD card, and they can get it from bluestack app player.

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