Download Hi5Robot

Social networking sites are very popular now a day’s. There are many such sites allowing you to register into it. If you are into Hi5 and want to make new friends, then here is software for you called the Hi5 Robot which will help you to make new friends on Hi5. You will have a new friend circle in Hi5 very easily. This software is an automated tool.

This software is unique as it seeds real people and sends requests only to them. So it actually segregates fake profile and wisely sends requests. You do not have to enter any CAPTCHA code to pass the security test so as to send friend request. Every time for every single friend request you are freed from the tiring security test. Another tool is the search tool which automatically allows this software to search for people, who can be your friends in the aspect of profession, school place, and your likes and so on.

This software is very easy to access and best till now. To install this software all you have to do is have .NET framework 2.0 loaded. This is also small in size and windows 2000 as well as XP are able to support this software.