Download 8hands

The internet provides a number of gateways to get real time experience about wide range of applications and programs. One may easily get confused about the websites passwords and widgets. 8hands offer you the ability to enrich your social networks by helping you to organize them. Subsequently you can raise the level of relationship to a higher level.

8hands offer you to connect all your social networking sites through instant messaging. You can share all your uploaded content such as pictures, videos by a simple drag and drop method. You will also be provided a succinct summary of all the online social networking activities such as MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flicker, blog profiles and so on with useful statistics like number of friends in each network.

The most important advantage that 8hands offer is that it allows you to stay in touch with all your social networking profiles without opening the individual profile all the time. 8hands will let you know about the instant updates like comments, likes, messages, friend requests, videos and other events from both yours and your friend’s profiles. If you are an 8hands’ desktop user, you will be familiar with the “top friends” with whom you communicate the most. You can also add these friends in your social speed dial so that you can access them fast. It also facilitates text or call option right at the friend’s cell phone. It is compatible with all the versions of Windows like XP, 7 and Vista.