UC Browser HD

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UC Browser HD is a fast paced, easy to use browser working efficiently on multiple platforms including Windows 7 and 8. Integrated with a neat, modernized interface, it provides users with a large set of tools with brilliant functions that make their browsing experience very easy and fun. The attractive feature is that the user gets full liberty to customize and personalize the browser as per their choice and requirement using the settings tab. With a whole lot of additional features like Bookmarks, Image saving options, History, etc, the browser makes it a very easy going web experience for any user. With the customized Speed dial page displaying all the frequently used websites it becomes handy for the users to get into their favorite sites at one click or touch.

The best part is that under any circumstance if at all the browser crashes, one wouldn't have to cry over the lost page or URL as the browser will again restart with the reopened pages where it crashed. Serving millions of users worldwide and being an authentic and reliable mobile browser first, UC Browser HD has made a grand entry to the PC world with its unique features and multiple user friendly elements.

The top screen presents all the necessary tabs that one may require during browsing and surfing the net. Apart from it additional tabs of music, entertainment, shopping, etc are also available at one click. The downloading section of the browser is also very neat where the user will have differentiated column displaying the downloaded items and the on-going downloads. Apart from this, it provides the user with its own exclusive search box where one can enter a phrase and get the results earnestly. It is also visually appealing to the eyes and serves all the needs of the users with ease. With so many features collaborated into one UC Browser HD totally succeeds in impressing users.