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Designed and developed by The Tor Project, Tor Browser Bundle is a Firefox-based browser and network security tool that is intended to help users secure the privacy and security of their online activities. This tool claims to secure your network and online activities from one of the most common or basic internet surveillance activities known as traffic analysis. This is intended to track your internet activities, including your communication channels, your interests, and your online behavior. This can have far-reaching impacts, as other entities will be able to track or gain knowledge or your professional or personal details and use this to manipulate your online activities. Being an open-source program, you can avail this tool as a free to use software application.

This tool claims to be based on the Onion Routing technology, which was originally created and maintained by US Naval Research Lab. As suggested by its name, this routing mechanism offers several layers of encryption to ensure utmost security in its network by preventing other users from tracking your messages, communications, or any type of online activities. And all this ensures that Tor’s browser and network is secure at all levels. It also offers the Vidalia network connection utility as part of its suite. And being the creation of an open source community, you can avail both the browser application as well as the network for free.

You can configure the Tor network and browser by using the Vidalia’s Control Panel. You can configure your security settings using the Proxy, Display, and Security panels from the menu activated by using the Torbutton. This tool has been built with Firefox 10 as its base. It is integrated with a NoScript default that ensures all scripts are forbidden on a global basis. You can implement this tool in various Windows based platforms such as Windows 7, XP, and Vista versions.

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