Download The World Browser

Phoenix Studio, the makers of The World Browser, claim to have created a fast, small, and secure browser application that you can avail as a free to use tool. Supported in Windows based platforms, you can implement the tool in Windows 2000, 7, XP, and Vista versions. With a professionally designed interface that comes with intuitive buttons, the tool offers the option to customize the interface according to your requirements.

The browser window offers a clean look where you have more space for your web pages. However, you can add extra toolbars to incorporate buttons or features that you access frequently. Multiple web windows are tabbed for easier access; and the more interesting feature is that the tabbed windows are displayed in a preview window, to help you view how much of a page has been loaded or to move to a specific page quickly. You can also access various functions with a single mouse click such as your download manager, tab positioning, and flash options. The Tools menu comes with all the default functions found in most browser tools such as cleaning tools and setting proxy options. Most of the other menus also include all the standard features, making the application easy to use and implement.

The Help feature basically links to the publisher’s website, which is considered a limitation. However, the tool is small in size, so one advantage is leveled by another limitation. The tool works on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer engine. One of the major benefits of this tool is that generally its windows do not hang or freeze, thanks to its multi-threaded frame. Even in the event of one window freezing, the other tabs continue to work well. The publishers claim that this tool is equally good when compared to other popular browsing applications and is capable of offering its users one of the best browsing experiences.

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