Sprite Browser

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Sprite Browser is the Browser application which provides lots of advance features to make your surfing of the internet fast and enjoyable. It is a template browser which has various menus to use them instantly. It interacts with the websites with great speed. It records history and restore previous sessions. Restoring previous sessions help you to open all those websites which were opened lastly. It asks the user to save passwords. It saves the details of the forms on it.

It fetches the stored data automatically while filling any application form. It downloads all media files like images, gif, videos etc. It saves all images from the internet so the user need not fetches the server time and again. It downloads the images in smaller size which saves time during their downloading. It removes all white space from the images to make them smaller in size.

It suggests the user by listing all the things to be downloaded from the internet. It gives the list of all the files and images available on the web page. To download any particular object or files just double click on it to and save it in local folder. There are many shortcut icons on this browser to bring out various interesting tasks within few seconds. It keeps various stuffs on the browser window to enable you to update from the facts and figures of all the major happenings around us.