Download Opera Mini Browser for PC Windows

Users of Opera Mini Browser for PC Windows will find it to be extremely agile, responsive, secure, customizable, and above all easy-to-handle, in short all the capabilities that they would want an ideal android browser to possess. This browser is extremely capable of allowing its users to stay within the data caps imposed by their wireless carriers by compressing the data in all the websites, which give a fast and cheap internet surfing experience.

Opera Mini Browser for PC Windows loads websites having heavy graphics or lots of images in an instance to provide its users with a better and faster browsing experience. In addition to that, a clean and intuitive interface with bigger buttons makes it suitable for just about any user irrespective of their prior experience levels. This browser works perfectly with any android device connected to the internet.

Users also benefit from the advanced data privacy and security features to browse the internet without any fears of data theft. An extremely handy Speed Dial feature allows users to set all of their favorite websites on the home screen of the browser. Moreover, users can receive instant updates from all of their social site accounts on a single screen with the Smart Page feature. Finally, users can switch between multiple pages seamlessly and save pages for reading later without requiring internet connection to make it a highly recommendable browser for the android platform.

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