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Mozilla Firefox is a widely known and commonly used browser software, which claims to offer a new and enhanced version at an interval of six weeks. The publisher’s of this tool follow a rapid-release cycle that ensures bugs are eliminated and new features are integrated rapidly, creating a newer version of the tool at the specified interval. This is a freeware utility that you can download from the Web and is supported in various Windows based platforms such as Windows 2000, 2003, 7, 8, XP, and Vista versions. This is a product from the house of Mozilla. Some of the prominent features offered by this browser application are ability to browse using multiple tabs, integration with Google’s search feature, better visibility of web pages, intuitive privacy control features, blocking of pop-ups, etc.

This tool claims to offer a simple and easy installation process, regardless of your net connection speeds and hardware capabilities. During first time installation, the tool automatically opens their Start page, which offers links to various add-ons and tools for your browser app. Subsequent updates are performed as and when newer versions are released by Mozilla. During these updates, the tool checks for existing add-ons and offers the option to update them or discard them as per user requirements. It claims to have graduated to a more user-friendly update process that makes the tool endearing and appealing to its user base.

The smaller-leaner device revolution has resulted in most popular browsers going for a leaner, meaner look to make navigation and usability convenient in smaller devices. This browsing application has also adhered to this revolution and has minimized its tabs areas and maximized its web page area, allowing you to view more of a website or web page. The navigational buttons are also located conveniently to provide better visibility and accessibility. However, they have tried to retain the same hot-keys for various navigational buttons and options to ensure that users do not have to go through a steep learning curve with the newer versions of the software.

Stability and performance are two aspects, which the tool claims to be its high-light features. It claims to have the ability to manage several tabs, simultaneously. It is also integrated with the graphic processing unit hardware acceleration mechanism to reduce the load on CPU and share rendering tasks with the system’s graphic card. The benefit of this technology is that your web pages will be rendered faster and graphics and animations will no longer eat into your processing capabilities. The tool also offers a plug-in crash protection feature that ensures that plug-ins do not make your browser hang. Instead, the browser attempts to reload the page.

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