Download Mozilla Firefox 15 beta

Among the variety of browser programs available in market today, Mozilla Firefox is the second most popular and used browser. It is an open source application designed to provide fast browsing with a clean design and customization tools. Suitable for novice users and developers, this browser features an array of functions including private browsing, incremental search, download manager, bookmarks, tab grouping and spell check in addition to Error Console and DOM Inspector intended for advanced users. A tabbed interface to allow browsing more than one site at the same time makes this browser so popular. An add-on manager incorporated in the browser gives you the freedom to change almost everything from its look to functionality. Pop up controls let you manage what you want to see and allows you block unnecessary content to be displayed. Various versions of this amazing browser are being used and released with new features and enhancements.

Mozilla Firefox 15 beta is the latest release by the Firefox after the huge hit of Firefox 14. This program focuses on the loops holes that were present in Firefox 14 therefore it is much awaited browser. This browser will definitely bring a big smile on the face of all Mozilla Firefox fans because it is loaded with some great features that have the potential to make this software number one in the web browser category.

The new features and improvements introduced in this version are:

  • The user interface has been smoothened so that you can get a better feel while using it.
  • Use of HTML scaling algorithm to provide better quality of images.
  • No insecure content would load on HTTPS pages.
  • Responsiveness for proxy users is improved.
  • Improvement in performance with tab switching.
  • Retina display support.

Those who will download this browser will get regular official updates that will include some new features as well.

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