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Yes, you read it right! Internet Explorer has finally gone through a sea change to adapt to the new Windows 8 platform. Internet Explorer has always been an integral part of Windows desktop but over the last few years, the software had slowly lost its ground to Firefox, Opera and Chrome. With the launch of Windows 8, developers had to revamp the look and performance of their Windows software’s so as to make them touch responsive and simple. Internet Explorer suffered the same fate and it had to go under scalpel as well.

Internet Explorer 10 is crafted for Windows 8 platform but is available for the Windows 7 users as well. The best thing about this new version of IE is the fact that it is available in touch enabled new incarnation and also the familiar desktop version which we have grown accustomed to all these years. Hence, for the time being this new Internet Explorer leads a double life. The last version of Internet Explorer, i.e. IE 9 was a much improved version of IE 8, but it still was no match to its competitors as Chrome and Firefox. With the recent launch of Internet Explorer 10, IE finally hogs the limelight as it comes equipped with HTML5 touch support.

Internet Explorer 10 still has a long way to go to prove its mettle. The HTML5 puts it in the fray alright, but it doesn't really say whether IE has implemented it right. Till then, this new look, touch enabled form, full screen version of Internet Explorer 10 would surely impress the masses. The interface is quite neat and clean as Windows 8 itself and is very user friendly. According to experts, in a matter of few years, it might slowly start winning battles for Microsoft in the field of internet browsers. Hence, it is a good browser to lay hands upon.

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