Download Google Chrome Portable

All of us have a preferred browser and a list of preferred websites. A browser that can keep our favorite websites handy and give us the feel of using the favorite browser would surely be admired. The latest version of the most preferred web browser meets this criteria well. It is Google Chrome Portable, one of the highly used browser all across the world just because it is fast and easy to use. It offers you high speed web browsing which other browsers fail to do most often.

Tab isolation is the base of the program and it is the feature that makes it stand out from others. With this technique, each tab runs separately so that you need not close the entire program when one of the tab crashes. You just close that tab and you are safe again with other things uninterrupted. Another unique thing about the Chrome browsers that impresses us is the automatic translation option for the pages written in foreign languages. This saves us the time and effort of looking for online translation for such pages when we encounter them. And the feature that we all enjoy to have with Chrome - thumbnails for the favorite websites on opening a new tab so that you have access to them at a single click.

Now let us have a look at the benefits of the portable version. Its purpose is to let you carry your web surfing experience with you wherever you go. Being portable, it does not leave behind your private information on the current computer. You can enable the password portability option to carry your encrypted password information with you to another computer. Moreover, you don't carry certificates with you since it uses Windows for storing the copy of certificates. So, you should not be using any private certificates except on your personal computer with this browser.

This browser comes with built in Adobe flash player therefore, you do not have to download it separately. The best thing about this software is that it can be used without any installation. Yes, it is a portable browser. You can use it directly from USB and surf the web with great ease. It allows user to customize it according to their will and requirements.

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