Facebook Colour Changer

Download Facebook Colour Changer

Available as a free to use software application; Facebook Colour Changer, as is evident from its name, is an internet-based add-on software application that you can avail to change or modify the colours on your Facebook pages. This tool is, basically, an extension of the Google Chrome browser application. Even after installing this utility, the Facebook page will appear in its default colours when you log in. To change the colours, according to your preference, you need to activate the colourful icon on the address bar by clicking it.

Clicking this icon activates two colour pickers. You can select a colour by either clicking on it or by dragging the crosshairs to choose your preferred colour. The option allows you to select two colours, of your preferred choice; and your Facebook page will be updated with these two colours. And once a specific colour scheme has been selected, all the pages that open in your Facebook site will appear in this colour scheme. The tool also offers an option to revert to the default colours, in case you want to change the colour scheme back to its original ones. You can implement this utility in almost all Windows based systems in which Google Chrome browser utility is supported.

It is a product that has been designed and developed by an entity called znerp. Being an extension utility for the Chrome browser, this tool does not belong to the must-have or essential software list. All the same, it is regarded as a nice to have utility that can help you customize your programs to your preferences. And being a freeware utility, with a small file-size, it is considered to be a good to have tool. Therefore, for those users who look to customize the appearance of their Facebook web pages according to their preferences, this extension utility is an appropriate choice.